Park Pietá

(Nederlands) In 2018 en 2019 deed ik onderzoek ik twee parken: het Parco Via Appia in Rome en het Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Gedurende het onderzoek filmde ik de handelingen van verschillende zorgdragers in de 2 parken. Het resultaat is een videowerk dat zowel in Rome als in Amsterdam getoond wordt.

Water Experiment

In cooperation with Waternet, Deltares and WUR, I developed The Clean Water Experiment. During the summer of 2017, we mapped the water quality together with 500 citizens of Amsterdam. The participants received a water box filled with instruments to measure the water’s quality.

Dust Particles

The project Dust Particles was an ode to dust. From shipyard to elementary school, from art fair to farm; every location has its own history, and with that, its own kind of dust. At 11 locations in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, several columns were placed where one could view dust using a microscope.

The Worthless Shop

The Worthless Shop is a trading shop and an interactive art experience. The Wothless Shop will trade in ‘worthless’ items that are found in the streets or surroundings of the shop.

Data Tours

In April and May 2016, I will give several unique tours in the historical city centre of Amsterdam. The tours will focus on illustrating different types of data connected to tourist sites. For example, the amount of bricks used in a building, the type of garbage in containers on a specific street or lists of significant dates.

Judas’ Ritual

In response to the theatre show Judas by Suburbia I made an autonomous video installation that reflects on Judas’ relation to waste and rituals.

Zoo wallpaper

In 2014, the renovated Members’ Rooms in Amsterdam’s iconic Royal Artis Zoo reopened their doors. I updated and redesigned the building’s 19th-century wallpaper. This projected contributed to the Royal Artis Zoo winning the Dutch Design Client Award.

The Decay

On the 13th of June 2015, The Frans Hals Museum showed a new work of mine in the exhibition ‘Work in Progress’, in which 3 masterpieces of the museum were being restored in-situ. In my work I paid tribute to the restored decay of both the painting as well as the room in which the work was shown.