Triptych Publication

Designer Judith van der Velden and I made a publication about three exhibitions I curated in the Vredeskerk in 2011. For these exhibitions I invited three artists to interact with the busy church – both with its architecture and its community.

This extraordinary publication is made of three quires, which differ in content, print and size. For the first quire (A5, copy) I invited theologian Rikko Voorberg and art critic Peter van Kester to write an essay on the three exhibitions. The second quire (A4, stencilled) shows the process of the artist with sketches, trials and inspiration. The last quire (A3, digital full colour print) shows the final works of the artists.

The publication was launched in the Pop Up Church Amsterdam on the 10th November, 2013. The publication had a run of 250 copies and was supported financially by the Vredeskerk Amsterdam and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.