Herry Blanche

I was artist-in-residence at KiK in May and June, 2013, where I conducted research on the body of the perfect artist. Just like Frankenstein tried to construct the ideal human, I tried to give shape to the ‘ideal’ artist.

The project was done in collaboration with several artists who responded through their own artistic disciplines and backgrounds. I created a work on the hand with film-maker Peter van Houten which was inspired by ideals of beauty in the 16th century.

I examined the ideal language with poet and writer Jaap Robben. In the audio piece we try to describe a space in which there are no words, just sounds. Visitors could walk beside the walls in the basement of KiK and listen to how the artists translate the walls into sounds through headphones.

I also studied the posture of an artist. Photographer Appie Bood and I made an installation of nine slide projectors which project photos of us interacting. The work focuses on the ways people physically relate to another. The installation was designed in such a way that visitors had to walk through the projections of the images and thus physically relate to the work.

I made a column of wool in collaboration with designer Judith van der Velden. A total of 13 kilometres of wool was attached by hand to chicken wire to create  an exact representation of the number of hairs on a 10cm2 human scalp.

Finally, I researched the smell of the artist. After research in the town of Kolderveen, I concluded that the ideal artist smells like sweat, wood and paint. Scents artist Jorg Hempenius developed a perfume from these abstract ideas, which can be ordered through email.

The exhibition at KiK in Kolderveen ran from 1 May until 30 June, 2013.