The Minoct

Waternet Amsterdam and Designathon Works gave children between the age of 7 and 12 years old the assignment to draw a machine that could purify the water across the earth in the future. Together with them, I designed a prototype of this machine.

Based on the sketches that the children had made, I developed a multi-legged robotic machine. This prototype water washer was named The Minoct. A cleaning machine fitted with the most extraordinary techniques. The filters in The Minoct’s tentacles separate microplastics, hazardous bacteria and other dirt from the water. The remnants of the dirt serve as fuel for The Minoct. This way it is self-sufficient and can quickly whizz on to another polluted location.

The machine was first presented during the International Water Week at the Rai in Amsterdam. I executed this project in close cooperation with Allard Medema and Boost (Stefan Stoer and Tom van Boom).