The Clutter Shop

The ‘Into the Great Wide Open’ festival (September 2015) commissioned me to run a trading shop as an interactive art experience. The General Store will trade in ‘worthless’ items that are found in the streets or in the island’s natural landscape.

Poster Jean-Marie

I designed the film poster for the La Vie de Jean-Marie (dir. Peter van Houten). The film premiered in January 2015 at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it came fourth in the Audience Award, which is voted for by the public.

Triptych Publication

Designer Judith van der Velden and I made a publication about three exhibitions I curated in the Vredeskerk in 2011. For these exhibitions I invited three artists to interact with the busy church – both with its architecture and its community.

Herry Blanche

I was artist-in-residence at KiK in May and June, 2013, where I conducted research on the body of the perfect artist. Just like Frankenstein tried to construct the ideal human, I tried to give shape to the ‘ideal’ artist.

Proposal Cuyp

I was commissioned by Stadsdeel Zuid to make a proposal for a new entrance to the famous Amsterdam Albert Cuyp Market. My concept was a live feed of visitors to the market and the products available there.

Biblical Points

I created a work about points in the Bible for a group show at exhibition space De Punt (The Point). In the Dutch translation of the Bible, the word “punt” (translated as ‘point’ or ‘location’) is used 45 times. I searched for the exact location on a world map using each ‘point’ and made ​​a ‘biblical points map’.

Station 10

‘Station 10’ was part of the art route Path of Suffering 2013. The route was a re-interpretation of the Christian idea of ‘The Stations of the Cross’. In Station 10, Jesus is stripped of his garments: “They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture” (Psalms 22: 18-19).

Support Mariah

‘Support Mariah’ was a collection of images of Mariah Carey which was exhibited as part of a group exhibition at De Punt. The collection featured 49 snapshots of Mariah Carey accompanied by her bodyguards. When getting out of the car, boat or plane, she finds support through her companions who guide her through fans, photographers – and even snow.

Riot Stones

Five photo collages were created for the MILKSTORE exhibition (September 2013). In November 2013, the collages were also put on display in the Galeria d’Art Miguel in Barcelona, Spain.

Poster Still Alive

I designed the poster for Peter van Houten’s film ‘I’m Still Alive’ which had its premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012. The film is about an old, bed-ridden woman whose world gradually shrinks.

Face of Beasts

I created a list of apocalyptic animals appearing in the Bible for an event at Lost & Found. The list was presented as a story that described images of a group of ancient apocalyptic beasts who are ready to destroy the world. While I was reading the text, posters with a single sentence were distributed one by one to the audience.

Ave Maria

I curated an album, consisting of seven songs, which narrated the story of Mary. The album was sold in the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam, in 2006.