(Nederlands) Bijbelbrainstormsessies

(Nederlands) In de herfst en winter van 2018 start ik de Bijbelbrainstormsessies. Dit zijn lees-, denk- en doe-avonden waarin kennis en ervaring gedeeld wordt over de bijbel in relatie tot beeldende kunst en wetenschap. Soms serieus, andere keren met een knipoog.


Since 2017, I have been working as teacher of visual arts at the department of teacher training at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Within teaching I pose the question whether it is possible for education to be an artistic medium as well.

Circus Engelbregt

Since 2011, I have worked as an in-house artist for Circus Engelbregt. Circus Engelbregt is an organization which aims to increase social sustainability in the world. We design and produce art projects that take place on the borders of apparently contradictory areas.

The Parasite

The Parasite is a parasitic magazine which changes form, medium and distributor every edition. In 2011 we made six editions and we are currently working on several new editions.

Workshop Relic

Commissioned by Noordjes Kinderkunst, I developed the workshop ‘Make Your Own Relic’, in which primary school children make their own relics from leftover bits and pieces found at monumental buildings.

Path of Suffering

Together with Creatief Initiatief and Rikko Voorberg, I co-founded the art route Path of Suffering. The art route took place in De Baarsjes, a neighbourhood in Amsterdam, and exhibited art works on the theme of ‘suffering’. The exhibit ran from 13 February till 30 March 2013. During the last three days, an intimate Suffering Festival took place.

De Tribune

From 2010 to 2011 I was curator of the exhibition space De Tribune. Exhibiting artists included Mathilde van Beekhuizen (NL), Sachi Miyachi (JP) and Esther Kempf (SW).

Stroom West

In 2010 and 2011 I worked in collaboration with various artists, theologists and actors to organize Stroom West, a series of (theater) evenings around religious themes and stories.