Park Pietá

(Nederlands) In 2018 en 2019 deed ik onderzoek ik twee parken: het Parco Via Appia in Rome en het Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Gedurende het onderzoek filmde ik de handelingen van verschillende zorgdragers in de 2 parken. Het resultaat is een videowerk dat zowel in Rome als in Amsterdam getoond wordt.

Het Gareel

(Nederlands) Het Gareel is een educatief project voor TENT Rotterdam, en houdt het midden tussen een ritueel en wetenschappelijk experiment. In totaal komen in oktober en november 500 kinderen langs.

Repair Café

Op uitnodiging van Joanna van der Zanden deed ik in de zomer van 2019 onderzoek naar het Repair Café: een plek waar je kapotte spullen kan laten maken. Mijn inzet was om te kijken of er op deze plek ook ruimte zou zijn voor waardeloosheid.

(Nederlands) Almere meet water

(Nederlands) In navolging op Het Schone Waterexperiment hebben we dit project speciaal voor Almere opgericht. In het project hebben meer dan 200 bewoners de waterkwaliteit in de lente, zomer en herfst van 2019 in kaart gebracht. In totaal kregen we 800 metingen binnen.


(Nederlands) In navolging op de Waardeloze Winkel en de Waardeloze Juwelier opende dit jaar de Waardeloze Souvenirwinkel, die ik samen met studenten van de Willem de Kooning Academie heb ontwikkeld. In de winkel worden waardeloze objecten getaxeerd, en verkocht als ware souvenirs.

(Nederlands) Burenparade

(Nederlands) In 2018 en 2019 voer ik verschillende keren de Burenparade uit: een buurtwandeling door Leidsche Rijn waar de buurtbewoners elkaar en de stad ontdekken. Tijdens de wandelingen ontstaan live datavisualisaties, die de wensen van groep verbeelden.

(Nederlands) Waterwaarde

(Nederlands) In de zomer 2018 was ik Artist in Residence bij StrandLab aan het Almeerderstrand. Hier heb ik gewerkt vanuit een caravan die prachtig uitkeek over het water. Het Almeerderstrand is in transitie; er komt nieuw strand bij en er komen steeds meer bezoekers om te genieten van de omgeving.

(Nederlands) Kinderwaterjury

(Nederlands) De hele zomer 2018 vinden er workshops voor kinderen plaats op het Almeerderstrand. In samenwerking met Allard Medema, StrandLab en Stad&Natuur Almere heb ik de Kinderwaterjury opgericht die de micro en macroschoonheid en smaak van water beoordeelt.

(Nederlands) Waardeloze Juwelier

(Nederlands) In navolging op de Waardeloze Winkel, ben ik gevraagd om voor Into the Great Wide Open 2018 het concept een nieuwe draai te geven. Dit is uiteindelijk de Waardeloze Juwelier geworden.

(Nederlands) Waterexperiment ’18

(Nederlands) In navolging van het succes van Het Schone Waterexperiment in 2017, wordt het project in 2018 verder uitgebreid naar Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier en voortgezet in Amsterdam en omstreken.

Water Experiment

In cooperation with Waternet, Deltares and WUR, I developed The Clean Water Experiment. During the summer of 2017, we mapped the water quality together with 500 citizens of Amsterdam. The participants received a water box filled with instruments to measure the water’s quality.

Study on the IPK#53

At Art Rotterdam I have shown my first work made in response to my research, which I will continue to develop over the coming years. For this research, I visit various laboratories across the world that operate an International Prototype of the Kilo. During these visits, I study the actions surrounding the IPK.

Dust Particles

The project Dust Particles was an ode to dust. From shipyard to elementary school, from art fair to farm; every location has its own history, and with that, its own kind of dust. At 11 locations in Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, several columns were placed where one could view dust using a microscope.

The Worthless Shop

The Worthless Shop is a trading shop and an interactive art experience. The Wothless Shop will trade in ‘worthless’ items that are found in the streets or surroundings of the shop.

The Minoct

Waternet Amsterdam and Designathon Works gave children between the age of 7 and 12 years old the assignment to draw a machine that could purify the water across the earth in the future. Together with them, I designed a prototype of this machine.

Wallpaper Stedelijk

From August 2016 until January 2017, my wallpaper, which I designed for Natura Artis Magistra, was on display at the exhibition ‘Dream Out Loud’ of the Stedelijk Museum.


Van 17 mei t/m 1 juli exposeer ik in Huis de Pinto. Hier presenteer ik mijn onderzoek naar de eerste zinnen in romans.

Data Tours

In April and May 2016, I will give several unique tours in the historical city centre of Amsterdam. The tours will focus on illustrating different types of data connected to tourist sites. For example, the amount of bricks used in a building, the type of garbage in containers on a specific street or lists of significant dates.

Judas’ Ritual

In response to the theatre show Judas by Suburbia I made an autonomous video installation that reflects on Judas’ relation to waste and rituals.

The Decay

On the 13th of June 2015, The Frans Hals Museum showed a new work of mine in the exhibition ‘Work in Progress’, in which 3 masterpieces of the museum were being restored in-situ. In my work I paid tribute to the restored decay of both the painting as well as the room in which the work was shown.

Infinite Coastline

Infinite Coastline Until the end of June 2015, I was artist in residence in Cádiz, South of Spain with Linea de Costa. There I measured the rugged coastline with instruments that I especially designed for this. The results of this research were shown both in public spaces as well as at the museum affiliated with the Linea de Costa.


Commissioned by the exhibition space PARK, I traveled to Montserrat (Spain) where I gathered dust from the exact spot where there was an apparition by Mary in 880.

Mary Magdalene

I was artist-in-residence for two months at MILK Studios, which is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. My project was a comprehensive study of the many representations of Mary Magdalene.

Art Tarot

Being part of De Parasiet, an art collective, I helped design an Art Tarot pack using the Museum van Bommel van Dam’s collection. The Art Tarot can be used as an instrument to predict the future, to obtain life lessons or simply as a board game.

Zoo wallpaper

In 2014, the renovated Members’ Rooms in Amsterdam’s iconic Royal Artis Zoo reopened their doors. I updated and redesigned the building’s 19th-century wallpaper. This projected contributed to the Royal Artis Zoo winning the Dutch Design Client Award.

Letting go

‘The Art of Letting Go’ is an artistic investigation into nature and the patterns of decomposition in the human body. The project was centered around the figure St. Francis whose body is ‘incorruptible,’ according to Catholic teaching. The importance of nature and human suffering are central to his teachings.

Camping Mapping

As part of Into the Great Wide Open’s 2014 festival, I ran a project called Camping Mapping, which intricately mapped the interactions and clashes between nature and culture on the campsite.


I was artist-in-residence for a week in the Tower Room for Dutch radio station AVRO radio. My research focused on craquelé (cracks in paint), and in particular the origin and variety of craquelé structures in Verspronck’s painting “Portrait of a Girl in Blue” (1641).


‘Yards’ ran from the 19th of October until the 23rd of November, 2013. In this solo show I mapped all the weeds on the streets of the Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam. The project aimed to show the area’s residents the complexity and extraordinary patterns in their ostensibly mundane flora and fauna. The show focused on different groups of grass, a mosquito, a dying plant, marks on a tree, sand dust and the veins on bamboo leaves.


The Royal Amsterdam Zoo commissioned me to do a comprehensive study of three trees. With a team of 41 volunteers I analysed and studied the trees from top to bottom – their branches, leaves, spider webs and cracks in the bark. The research took place in the open during the busy summer period and many children helped spontaneously.

Nature Rises

I worked on the project ‘Nature Rises’ for the Museum Elburg which consisted of two videos and a pamphlet. For the project I took a piece from the museum’s collection deep into nature and then left it behind. The work was on show at the Museum Elburg from 16 November 2012 to 16 March 2013 as a part of the exhibition ‘In Conversation’.

My Own Ritual

My Own Ritual was a project created for Allerzielen Alom which guided people in making their own ritual to remember a deceased person in a special way.

Flower Hand Germ

I produced a video installation titled Flower Hand Germ for the Vredeskerk (Church of Peace) in 2011. The art work was inspired by a passage from the Bible, the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-9). Four video works were shown along with specially-recorded music and a small card that visitors could take home.

Judas Iscariot

Five of my video works were exhibited in the Museum of Religious Art in 2010 on the theme of Judas’s confusion when he meets Jesus. The video works were accompanied by specially-recorded music, and visitors took home a pamphlet.

Maria Causa Salutis

As part of my graduating exhibition at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2006, I wrote a text which narrates the life of Mary in 33 chapters. I was inspired by a prayer card of Mary during a trip to Florence and inserted the image of her face in contemporary photographs of women in everyday situations.