Water Experiment

In cooperation with Waternet, Deltares and WUR, I developed The Clean Water Experiment. During the summer of 2017, we mapped the water quality together with 500 citizens of Amsterdam. The participants received a water box filled with instruments to measure the water’s quality.

The water box contained various instruments used for experiments. The water quality was being measured by six parameters: translucency, colour, scent, temperature, E.coli and observation. Within three months we received more than a thousand measurements, supplemented by personal findings. Through the attention the participants gave to the ditches, ponds and canals by means of the experiments, the participants experienced a connection with the city’s water.

The final results of The Clean Water Experiment have been published in a report on the website.

Additionally, I developed the Water Transformer for this project. An experience machine which chance passersby could climb into, pump up water from the canal and undergo a sensory experience.

I executed this project in close cooperation with Allard Medema (production and design), Maartje de Goede (design), Kris Borgerink (website) and Boost (Water Transformer).

Articles about this project have been published in, amongst others, Metro, Parool, AT5, AD, Nu.nl and VPRO TV guide.