Judas’ Ritual

In response to the theatre show Judas by Suburbia I made an autonomous video installation that reflects on Judas’ relation to waste and rituals.

In August 2015, Theatre group Suburbia performed Judas, written by Lot Vekemans, at the Groene Kathedraal (Marinus Boezem, 1996). To strengthen this meeting between theatre, visual art and religion, Suburbia and Land Art Live organized several extra activities. I was invited to shed some light on this matter.

For this occasion, I created a video that was shown at different spots on the location after the performance. Video projectors were constantly being relocated and so, constantly established a new relation with their surroundings.

The work questioned the power and futility of rituals. In the videos rituals were being performed without them having a visible goal. Unlike Jesus, Judas had difficulties with wastage, for instance when Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with precious oils. Just like in the play, the pragmatic Judas opposed the enlightened Jesus.

The video installation was shown from 26th of August until the 12th of September 2015. Camera: Josjah Kunkeler. The work was financially supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Flevoland.