Workshop Relic

Commissioned by Noordjes Kinderkunst, I developed the workshop ‘Make Your Own Relic’, in which primary school children make their own relics from leftover bits and pieces found at monumental buildings.

Relics play an important part in most major religions; for example, the tooth of Buddha or the beard of Muhammad. At the same time, most people have personal relics at home – family heirlooms, for example, or a lock of hair of from a deceased relative.

The workshop brought students to the NDSM shipyard where they zoomed in on the weathered paint, feathers, old coffee cups, dust or tiny stones, all remnants of the heritage site. The students were encouraged to pay closer attention to the everyday world by turning apparently insignificant things into relics.

The first workshop at Noordjes Kinderkunst was given December 2014 with guest lecturer Richtje Reinsma.